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Sponsorship Program 

Wonthaggi Theatrical Group is committed to South Gippsland and our sponsorship program allows businesses to not only support grass roots community theatre but also promote their businesses and services.

Programme advertising gives your business the opportunity to be seen by audiences when they are relaxed, in a social context, and more receptive to campaigns and advertising messages than they may normally be. A theatre programme has a very long shelf-life and may be read by many people over many years.


Your sponsorship helps to pay for things such as lighting/sound equipment, costumes, sets, venue hire, etc.

We have multiple sponsorship options designed to fit your business strategy.


Contact our sponsorship manager:



Patrons: Wonthaggi Workmens Club - Wonthaggi Home Appliances - Sentinel Times - Cape Tavern - Clancy's Printing Service -

Jenny Garnham - Malcolm Gin - Foons Photographics - Geoff Glare & Anne Looney - Wonthaggi Fabrics & Beads - Coldon Homes - 

Mr Booksey Wooksey - MFS Dispensary - Wrenchs Footwear - Adapt+ Design - Cuttriss Electrical..

Major Sponsors:

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