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Our Vision 

Short History

Fifty years ago a group of friends got together to do something as old as time - they formed a troupe of players and became the town's story tellers. They bought the old Union Theatre, sang and danced and made the town laugh.  They wept when the theatre burnt down and started over again. New people came with new skills, some moved on, lulls came and went but the legacy grew.

Today the Wonthaggi Theatrical Group is a force for good across the region, an icon of renewal.  Its home, built by its own hands, is a thriving performing arts centre.  It manages budgets - of sizes undreamt of previously - which resource programs of outstanding quality and attract full houses and standing ovations.

Over time it has developed a distinctive culture, notable for its energy and optimism.  It entertains and educates; it's a flourishing arts environment that instills self-confidence and a sense of belonging and identity.

This hasn't happened overnight. It's the result of a steady building of human and physical resources, calculated risk-taking, learning from mistakes and visionary thinking.

                                    Words from author Gill Heal, "We Can Do That" An Anecdotal History of the Wonthaggi Theatrical Group.

























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WTG seeks excellence in the performing arts through community engagement.


Our Committee

​Each of our elected Committee members holds a wealth of experience and knowledge which is reflected in their individual focuses and roles within this team.

Executive Committee 

President: Karen Milkins-Hendry - email:

Vice President: Mark Harrison - email:

Secretary: David Wall - email:

Treasure: Lyndal McKenzie - email:

General Committee

Alex Jackson, Anthea Donohue, Raf Pyka, Kerrin Barker, Sara Skate, Eldon Sawyers, Tim Gesell, Jaz Hendry, Linda Hamilton, Kerrie Giles, Toni Osborne.

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