Current Auditions



Vivaldi, Cecilia @ the Carnevale

Auditions for WTG's 2021 Summer Show, "Vivaldi, Cecilia and the Carnevale will be held on:       Friday 28 August 2020 (evening)

 Saturday 29 August (morning and afternoon)

 Sunday 30 August (afternoon)

To meet COVID19 restrictions auditions will be held via Zoom.

Audition bookings will close at 12 noon on the day before the auditions to allow time for the required Zoom meetings to be set up and for the invitation to be emailed .

Please check your email "In Box", before your audition, for your Zoom invite and your login details. "Junk Folders" should also be checked.




Preparing for your Audition


1. Select the character you wish to audition for and practise the monologue that you will be reading at your audition. See below list of characters and monologues (printable)  (you do not need to have memorised the monologue for the audition)

2. Practise the song  “O come balli bella bimba” - required to be sung at the audition

3. If you play a musical instrument please show us what you can play at the audition

Character list and monologues 

Music Ma come balli bella bimba