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The Group is proud to be presenting a wide variety of experiences for theatre-goers, performers and production teams with their current and upcoming program.

Wonthaggi Theatrical Group Summer Family Show 2020


Magic Monkey

Magic Monkey tells part of the story of The Journey to the West, a popular 16th Century Chinese novel by Wu Chengen.

It was made popular in a 1980’s TV series Monkey Magic.

WTG’s  Magic Monkey is suitable for all ages and will appeal to both adults and children.

There are lots of colourful characters and action with a sprinkling of poetry and wisdom.

WTG is pleased to announce their major production for 2020!

Show dates:

12 shows

Friday 31st July -Saturday 15th August


Information session: 

Sunday 9th Feb 

3 pm The Shed

Wonthaggi State Coal Mine


Wed 13th, Thurs 14th &

Fri 15th Feb 

Call backs: Sat 16th Feb

Opportunities for everyone to join in and be part of WTG's  50th Anniversary year in 2019.