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Wonthaggi Theatrical Group is pleased to announce their September production of BRIGHT STAR


Production Team:

Director - Karen Milkins - Hendry

Musical Director - Jane Hobson

Choreographer - Angela Hogan

Costume Design - Mayumi McPhee

Set Design - Tad Hendry



Bright Star Website:

Find all information about Bright Star including audition materials and book your audition right now!


January 2025  - Ture West by Sam Shepard

Director: Wayne Moloney

True West is a play by the American playwright Sam Shepard,  which follows the sibling rivalry between estranged brothers Austin and Lee, who have reconnected. It is known for its exploration of themes such as family dynamics and identity.  The play revolves around the volatile relationship between two brothers, Lee and Austin, as they navigate their contrasting lifestyles and aspirations while staying in their mother's house.


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